Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Glimpse of what's ahead!!!!

I have't been very "blog"attentive lately. I thought it was about time to add some new photos of what lies ahead next for the Smith Family......
Here is a photo of "da boys" at the Senior breakfast 2 weeks ago... They all tried on their cap and gowns!!! (Jeremey is 3rd from the left if you didn't recognize him.. LOL)
This is a picture of "Fountains Abbey". This is where the calss of 2010 will be graduating. It is a historical park here in North Yorkshire.
This is the area that will be set up for graduation. It is just as beautiful in person! Yes, graduation will take place outdoors.... We are praying that it doesn't rain....
But if it does - graduation will take place under cover, here. Fountains Abbey is a beautiful location. This is something Jeremey will be able to share with his posterity someday.... How many people say they graduated in England in an Abbey! What an awesome day this will be!
The Senior class took a trip out to Fountains Abbey to check things out... Then they were given some time to walk around... That means TROUBLE!!! Here is Jeremey having a bit too much fun! Not sure what he was up to - but what ever it was he ended up on the ground!
The next few months are going to continue to be filled with "LASTS". Jeremey is our LAST one to be going through all of the fun Senior things... Next is Prom and then graduation! Boy how time flies!!!!

Monday, 2 November 2009


The Menwith Hill Mustangs played their LAST HOME game for the season last Saturday. This was also the Semi-Finals.... who ever won this game was going on to Germany for the Championships.... Here are a few photos to show the days events!!!!

Lining up for the National Anthem (#34 FISH)

YES!!!! The Mustangs were victorious!!! This is Brandon and Jeremey celebrating the big win!!!! Both are seniors so this was an awesome moment!!!!

Ian and Jeremey congratulating eachother!!

Jeremey and Kayla.....
It was an awesome game... However, it was a nail biter in the last quarter! I thought Ed was going to pace a hole in the ground!!!
Now it is on to Baumholder Germany for the Championships!!! GO MUSTANGS!!!
Great game FISH....!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Final Plays of Homecoming!

Finally I am posting the remainder of the Homecoming photos!!! So much to do and so little time some days!!! This is the Homecoming Royal court... Freshman Prince and Princess; Sophomore Prince and Princess; Junior Prince and Princess and the SEN10R KING and QUEEN!!!!
Yep!!! Jeremey was crowned "KING" of Homecoming!!! The Queen's name is Julie..... He was nominated and elected by his peers!!!

Here are some other photos from the Homecoming Game.... Jeremey is making the tackle (#34)!

FISH (#34) running trying to continue to make it to the end zone!!!! (didn't make it unfortunately!)

Jeremey has had a wonderful start to his Sen10r year! It will only get better as I am sure there is more to come from him as this year continues!!! We have basketball, track, Sadie Hawkins, Prom and then.... GRADUATION!!!!
I guess the sad thing about all of this is that he is our youngest therefore these are the LAST Sen10r moments we will be making with our children... The next ones will be with grandchildren at some point! It has truly been an exciting ride this far and we are fastened up and ready for the next lap!!!! WAHOOOO!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Homecoming Dance..... 2009

Jeremey took a childhood friend that has recently moved to Alconbury as his date to the Homecoming dance this year. Her name is Kelsi and she certainly has grown since the last time we were all together!
I remember when she and Jeremey went to Meadowlark Elementary and would play in the front yard with all of the other neighborhood kids.... She came and stayed with us for the weekend and we had a great time having her hang out with us!
Here are some photos of them.

They had a great time dispite Jeremey's injury in the football game... He was determined to have a great time and they did.... To top it all off Jeremey was CROWNED HOMECOMING KING as well!!! What a way to start off his senior year!!!
We love you and are so proud of you Jeremey!!


Homecoming Week is always full of excitment - especially when you are a SENIOR!!! Here are a few photos of the LAST spirit week .....
Jeremey as one of the "Men in Black"
Jeremey and his friend Brandon on "Wacky-Tacky" day
Jeremey helping put the Senior float together....
Pep Rally on Friday afternoon
Mustang Football Players!!! We've got Spirit how 'bout you?!!!!
Nominees for Homecoming King..... Jeremey WON!!!!
Mustangs getting ready for the National Anthem
Getting last minute instructions.... Look at studly #34!!!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL????! Needless to say we played the hardest team in our division. The Mustangs tried their best but in the end fell short of the mark unfortunately... They played a good game and fought a good fight and walked away with their heads held high even though it wasn't the end result we were all rooting for!
Next game is against Rota, Spain; Saturday October 24th.....Then onto Semi-Finals!!!

Friday, 16 October 2009


This week is been homecoming for the Menwith Hill Mustangs! Since Monday was a holiday they got things started on Tuesday with "Men in Black" day....

Posing here are Jeremey, Andrew, Ian and Dylan... They could pass for members of the mafia, pallbarrers and even Secret Service Agents!
Jeremey looks so much taller when he isn't standing next to these guys!!!
Wednesday is Mix-match Day
Thursday is TOGA day
Friday is SPIRIT day - Red, White, and Blue!
Stay tuned for more photos of this weeks activities and the 2 final events...... The football game and the Homecoming Dance!!!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?????

It is that time of year again! The Menwith Hill Mustangs are fighting hard this year... So far so good. We have won against Rota and Alconbury which were 2 of our toughest challenges last year!
These photos were taken last weekend when we played against the Alconbury Dragons.... They fought hard but in the end the Mustangs came out on top!

FISH #34 this year....

Walking back to the field with one of the coaches after the half time pep talk!

Our cheerleaders! GO MUSTANGS!!!

Ready to go in ... What a stud muffin!!!

Final score - we are the GUESTS!!! Way to go MUSTANGS!!!
This weeked we take on Brussels at HOME! WAHOOO!!!